As the decision maker in your organization, you will be asked “Why Softpro?”

This page is designed to help you answer the “Why Softpro?” question from both a company as well as a product perspective.  We also provide you with links to the key areas of the site where you’ll find additional information relevant during your vendor selection process.

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Company Differentiators

Three Decades of Expertise You Can Rely On

Founded in 1983, Softpro has 30 years of signature management expertise. We earned our stripes developing signature verification and fraud prevention solutions and launched our SignDoc ESignature Software Suite in 2003. Today, SignDoc is used to secure approximately 200 million electronic signature transactions per year and 12 of the world’s 25 largest banks rely on Softpro to prevent cheque fraud or automate approval processes. You can deploy our software offerings jointly for a complete signature capture and verification solution.

On September 2, 2014, Softpro GmbH was acquired by Kofax, the leading provider of smart process applications (SPAs) that simplify the business critical First Mile™ of information intensive customer interactions.

Our Global Presence Facilitates Enterprise-Wide Adoption

Softpro is truly a global organization. We have offices or representatives in eight regional locations: Germany, US, UK, Singapore, Canada, Chile, India and Lebanon. Our network of dedicated partners also stand at the ready. No matter where you are, Softpro is never too far.

Customers who deploy our solution enterprise-wise are confident that regional offices will also receive support and attention.

ESignature Technology Enables the Digital Business

Softpro’s deep rooted expertise in the financial services industry is leveraged by banks focused on modernizing the branch. Esignature technology is an essential component of a digital business strategy that includes offering better customer service across all business channels.  In turn, insurance organizations, also seeing the need to implement a new business model, are empowering field agents to conduct the sales process, including the capture of signature approvals, on a mobile device.

Today, best of breed organizations worldwide use our products. The largest international banks rely on our fraud prevention software while leading enterprises across multiple industries trust SOFTPRO’s esignature capture solution, including: UPSBank of AmericaCitibankAIABarclaysStandard CharterManulifeBNP ParibasBBVAOrange TelecomLife Technologies and IKEA, just to name a few.

Integration Points Deliver Easy, Fast Deployment

Softpro’s off-the-shelf applications allow you to quickly deploy our solution.  Our software development kits (SDKs) and APIs, in turn, enable the fast integration of esignature and signature verification functionality within your business applications and workflows. We have many years of experience with global enterprises and have professional services teams available to assist where necessary. Softpro also offers Solution Design Workshops (SDW) to help jumpstart any new integration.

Electronic Signatures – Unique Capabilities

Strategic Architecture Enables Omni-Channel ESigning

Softpro’s strategic electronic signature architecture enables you to leverage the technology across the entire enterprise, regardless of where or how the signing takes place. You can capture a handwritten biometric signature on an iPad or implement a click-to-sign process – all with a single esignature engine. You can use our applications or software development kits. And, you can deploy on-premise or in the cloud.

Document Audit Trail Provides Vendor Independence

The SignDoc ESignature Software Suite is based on the ISO 32000 signature standard.  This standard signature protects you against technology and vendor obsolescence and enables the validation of the signature and integrity of the documents using the ubiquitous and free PDF Reader. Your esigned documents have self contained, verifiable esignatures providing you with vendor independence, now and in the future.

Universal Device Layer Supports Multiple Hardware Devices

A scalable esignature solution protects your technology investment. Several North American banks are processing millions of esignatures per year. As a result, Softpro products are designed to scale with your needs.

Compatibility with various hardware is also key to protecting your esignature software investment. Softpro has built-in support for many signature capture devices and tablets in its Universal Device Layer (UDL). This functionality is exposed through Softpro’s SignWare SDK, thereby enabling you to take advantage of multiple and future innovative devices. You can therefore integrate the latest and greatest hardware and/or deploy multiple types of devices across the organization with a single esignature application.

Signature Verification – Unique Capabilities

Biometrics Adds Layer of Fraud Protection

Softpro captures all of the unique signature biometrics and stores this information as part of the signature container embedded in the document. The biometric data can include the x, y, and z pressure, timing, acceleration and deceleration, pen up and pen down information.

The biometric data provides an additional layer of information that can be utilized in case of a dispute to help confirm the identity of the signer. Some clients also use this information as a secondary source in verifying identity, at the time of signing, against a biometric reference that is stored in a database.

Finally, in applications such as banking where a signature card is captured during the new account opening process, Softpro can automatically extract the electronic signature from the signature card and populate it in a reference database. The reference signature can be compared in the future to check signatures for on-us checks. Softpro’s check fraud solution is available as an application (FraudOne) or through our SignWare SDK.

Combined Risk Engine Produces Trustworthy Results

Softpro’s Combined Risk Score (CRS) engine takes into account a number of weighted factors and leverages information from external systems in order to make a decision. By taking into account a number of characteristics, banks can more accurately identify fraudulent checks.

Patented Technology Offers Solid Foundation

Softpros efforts in signature verification research resulted in the company being awarded a patent by the US Patent Office. The patent, held by Softpro scientist, Dr. Christiane Kaplan, addresses methods which can be used to verify dynamic aspects of signatures captured on different devices. Among the aspects covered are attempts for spatial measurements, measurements over time, and frequency. These measurements can be points on a signature as well as pressure, velocity, and acceleration, to name just a few. Softpro also acquired patent rights for the static signature verification engine developed by IBM.

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