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Securely ESign on the Mobile Device of Your Choice

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SignDoc Mobile is an enterprise-class, on-the-go esignature solution that empowers your employees and customers alike to apply their handwritten electronic signature using an iPad, Windows 8 and RT, or Android-based tablet or smartphone.

As a component of SignDoc Web, SOFTPRO’s server esigning software platform, SignDoc Mobile can be tightly integrated within your organization’s core business application and can extend the use of electronic signature technology beyond your traditional retail, office, and web processes.

SignDoc Mobile is based on the same esignature architecture as SignDoc Desktop and software development kits (SDK) from SOFTPRO. All products are compatible and work seamlessly so you can leverage your electronic signature technology investment across the enterprise, regardless of where or how you esign.

Quick Overview

SignDoc Mobile makes it easy to esign anytime, anywhere. It…

  • Captures a handwritten biometric esignature on iPads, Windows 8 and RT as well as Android-based tablets and smartphones. Your customers can easily read the entire document on the tablet and then esign.

  • Uses a calligraphic algorithm. Esigning with SignDoc Mobile provides a natural esigning experience, similar to signing on paper.

  • Offers an interface specifically designed for mobile devices. The user interface makes it easy and intuitive to esign.

  • Supports esigning with a stylus or fingertip; either option produces a recognizable esignature.

  • Provides the option to add a photo in the signature field. For processes that require an additional level of authenticity, you can add a photo, taken at the time of signing.

  • Provides comprehensive SDKs.

Watch Demo

The following demo was developed using the SOFTPRO SignDoc SDK for iOS. It demonstrates an iPad-based insurance on-boarding process that can work offline or online.


When to Use

The combined SignDoc Mobile and SignDoc Web solution enables you to capture an esignature remotely, with confidence. Even esignature processes completed with a tablet or smartphone are backed by the power and security of SOFTPRO’s esigning server hosted behind your firewall. Only the data needed for the esigning process is retrieved from the system at the time of signing which means the document itself remains on the secure server until the process is finalized.

If you’ve implemented SignDoc Web and wish to esign on a mobile device, SignDoc Mobile is your ideal solution.

Next Steps:
  • Go to Resources to read customer use cases, white papers and more.
SignDoc Mobile, Pro Service

  • SignDoc Mobile is also available as an in-app purchase. SignDoc Mobile, Pro Service is designed for the individual user.
  • Your monthly subscription provides you with unlimited signatures and unlimited documents. You may also try it for free! Learn more. 

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