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ESign Any File Format, Right on Your Desktop

SignDoc Desktop_ESign on your Tablet PCIntroduction

SignDoc Desktop is an electronic signature software that enables you to permanently embed and secure an esignature in a PDF or TIFF.

If you’re using other document types, such as AutoCad® drawings, Excel® spreadsheets, and Word® documents, SignDoc Desktop converts the document, on-the-fly, into an esignature-ready PDF.

The software runs on your Windows PC and supports a variety of USB connected signature tablets. SignDoc Desktop can also be paired with Softpro’s Sign2Phone App. By downloading Sign2Phone from the Apple App Store, Google Play or Samsung Apps, you can convert your iOS or Android device into a signature capture pad.

When installed on a Windows Touch or Tablet PC, you can capture signatures directly on-screen, eliminating the need for an external handwritten esignature capture device.

A number of deployment options are available:

  • If your organization has invested in Adobe Acrobat® or Adobe LiveCycle®, Softpro offers a native application that seamlessly integrates with this platform.
  • For those who use Adobe Reader, look to SignDoc for Adobe Reader. When you open a PDF with Adobe Reader, the SignDoc icon will appear as an option in the Adobe Reader toolbar, enabling you to easily and quickly esign the document.
  • For tight integration within your own application, software development kits are available.

Quick Overview

SignDoc Desktop offers a wide-range of features that make it easy to adapt your paper processes to the electronic domain. SignDoc Desktop…

  • Requires only PDF Reader to verify a signature’s validity. You can therefore eliminate the need to purchase and maintain additional software.

  • Supports document attachments. For example, a scanned image of the signer’s drivers license can be permanently attached to the esigned document.

  • Offers the ability to esign with a photo taken at the time of signing. The photo can be used on its own, or in conjunction with a handwritten electronic signature, for processes that require a high degree of authentication and certainty.

  • Supports document locking. This prevents editable fields from being changed, but still enables additional signers to apply their esignature.

  • Leverages third party certificates, if desired.

  • Provides a tree view of the esigning process, including who signed which version of the document. As a result, changes made to the document during your workflow is tracked and can be audited.

  • Enables users to add sketches and annotations to the document. In medical applications, for example, physicians can use a Tablet PC to write their comments on a patient’s x-ray results. When esigned, the entire document, including the annotations and sketches, are secured.

Product Screenshots

  • Add a photo of the signer or an ID document in the signature field.

  • Benefit from SignDoc Desktop’s intuitive and graphical user interface.

  • Annotate and esign medical records using a touchscreen device.

When to Use

With SignDoc Desktop, users can eliminate paper from internal and customer-facing processes. When a document is ready for esigning, users click on the SignDoc Desktop application icon or drag a PDF onto the application icon to launch the esigning process. If the document isn’t a PDF or a TIFF, SignDoc Desktop will convert it in real-time. The handwritten electronic signature, captured with the use of a Tablet PC or a signature pad, is then securely embedded in the document.

SignDoc Desktop and SignDoc Web complement each other, providing the ideal solution for organizations who have disconnected and connected esigning needs. For example, your field personnel can complete a transaction remotely using SignDoc Desktop and synchronize with SignDoc Web when they return to the office.

Next Steps:
  • Go to Resources to read customer use cases, case studies, white papers and more.

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