Strategic ESignature Architecture

What is a Strategic ESignature Architecture? Simply put, it is a core technology that can be leveraged in any environment and deployed in a number of ways.

You can esign online, in-person or while mobile and use any signature method, including a handwritten biometric signature, or clicking “I Agree” during an online process. You can even use a photograph taken at the time of signing or embed a wave file recording of your customer agreeing to terms and conditions. With Softpro, all esignature types produce an ISO standard signature container and can co-exist in the document or process.

Softpro’s SignDoc ESignature Software Suite offers a number of product options. You can link directly to one of the product pages, or take a few minutes to learn the key benefits of our Strategic ESignature Architecture.

Key Benefits

Multiple Deployment Options

SignDoc is designed to provide a wide range of deployment options and reduce the IT resources needed to implement and maintain the solution.

  • Use Softpro’s electronic signature solution wherever you do business: office/retail, online, in-field, kiosks, while mobile, and in call centers.

  • Leverage one esignature technology across your entire enterprise.

  • Implement new e-signing processes quickly; the esignature software is already a known solution internally.

Industry Standard Digital Signature Format

Softpro utilizes the ISO digital signature standard to produce a non-proprietary esignature.

  • Verify the validity of esignatures with only PDF Reader.

  • Eliminate the need to purchase and maintain additional software in order to verify electronic signatures, now and in the future.

  • Avoid vendor dependency.  Every esigned document has self contained and verifiable esignatures.

Hardware Agnostic; Hardware Optional

Regardless of the esignature capture method needed, you can use Softpro’s esignature software.

  • Choose the solution that works best: an iPad, an Android tablet or smartphone, a Windows Tablet, a Tablet PC, or a signature pad.

  • Deploy best of breed technology.  Softpro is hardware agnostic so you can implement the latest device without compromising your software investment.

  • Implement Softpro’s click-to-sign solution for hardware-free esigning processes.

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